Major Collections of the Institute

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The Institute Archive Collection includes over 3500 works useful for interdisciplinary research on the life and works of Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the American Physicist, Mathematician, Logician, and Engineer, one of the greatest interdisciplinary scientists in history. Highlights of this collection include an annotated copy of Peirce's Century Dictionary definitions, a large number of doctoral dissertations and other specialized studies on Peirce, many specific editions of titles that were familiar to Peirce, books owned by Peirce featuring his own annotations, books written by his father and brother, some letters of Herbert Peirce, a Peirce family genealogy, and a number of period books which illuminate the context of Peirce's life and times.

The F. Gentry Harris Collection includes 300 volumes of materials by, on and closely related to Peirce, 3000 volumes of research on psychiatry (including military), psychology, mathematics, logic, natural science and natural history; and several complete but unpublished papers on Peirce-related topics.

Published works of F. Gentry Harris include Experiences in the Study of Combat in the Korean Theater available from the US Army Military History Institute .

Additional information on F. Gentry Harris may be found in: Pilgrim in the ruins: a life of Walker Percy by Jay Tolson, and Genius, an article by Pamela Taylor Bloom in Vistas: Texas Tech Research, Winter 2001 Volume 9 No. 1

The Zournas Gift consists of approximately ten thousand books from the reference libraries of the pre-1948 Theatre Arts magazine, the pre-1987 Theatre Arts Books library, the working library of Robert Mercer MacGregor, and the personal library of George Zournas. The Gift is especially strong in the area of the performing arts: ballet and modern dance are especially well represented. In addition, there are hundreds of books on the fine and decorative arts, English and American literature, and Asian philosophy. Included are numerous books that have become classics in the field of travel and exploration, as well as hundreds of beautifully illustrated books on Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Hindu, and Muslim art and architecture. There are also scores of copiously illustrated sales catalogues from the two great American auction houses, Christie’s and Southeby’s, and dozens of magazines concerned with the arts of Asia.