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The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, in the College of Arts and Sciences, is one of the oldest interdisciplinary research departments of Texas Tech University. Its archive and office suite are in a 3000 square foot section of the University Library Building. Its mission is to support study of the life and works of C. S. Peirce and his continuing influence in all university disciplines. Local, national, and international scholars have been supported, often while they are resident from their home location. The Institute is located on the third floor East, Main Library Building, room 305.

Updated Online Giving Process

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the Institute! Due to recent changes to the Texas Tech University online donation management system, the process has changed slightly. Please carefully review the following instructions to ensure that your online donation is applied to your intended fund. If you would prefer to make a contribution through another payment method, contact information has been provided at the bottom of the page.

1. Visit

2. Click on "Search for a specific fund"

3. Enter one of the three endowment names from the list below.

4. Follow on-screen prompts to complete your online donation.

Institute Endowments

Claude Ventry Bridges Memorial Endowment
The Claude Ventry Bridges Memorial Fund is named in honor of an early, distinguished graduate student in the Institute. This fund has supported Institute publications, visiting scholars, and other students.

Charles Sidney Hardwick, Ph.D. Memorial For Peirce Studies Endowment
The Charles Sidney Hardwick, Ph.D. Memorial Endowment for Peirce Studies supports students and scholars using the Institute archival resources.

The Charles Sanders Peirce Interdisciplinary Professorship Endowment
The Charles Sanders Peirce Interdisciplinary Professorship Endowment, established by the Texas Tech University Board of Regents in 1979, has promoted international studies for students and scholars through research and teaching by means of colloquia, seminars, lectures and publications. The job description of this professorship also includes the Institute Directorship.

Contact Information:

Institute for Studies In Pragmaticism
Box 40002
Lubbock, TX

Phone: (806) 742-3128
Fax: (806) 742-3172