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Dr. Kenneth Ketner

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor
Charles Sanders Peirce Interdisciplinary Professor

Dr. Ketner's education includes MA (Philosophy) Oklahoma State University, MA (Folklore and Mythology) University of California at Los Angeles, and PhD (Philosophy) University of California at Santa Barbara. He has produced a number of reference works and essays on Peirce, including Reasoning and the Logic of Things (Harvard University Press, 1992), an edition of Peirce's 1898 Cambridge Conferences Lectures. A collection of his correspondence with Walker Percy was published by the University Press of Mississippi (1995) as A Thief of Peirce: The Letters of Kenneth Laine Ketner and Walker Percy. With the aid of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, he wrote the first volume of his life of Peirce, published in 1998 by Vanderbilt University Press as His Glassy Essence: An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce. He is a Fellow (past president) of the Peirce Society. He was instrumental in organizing the 1976 (Amsterdam) and 1989 (Harvard) international Peirce congresses. He can be reached at

Dr. Clyde Hendrick

Associate Director
Paul Whitfield Horn Professor, Psychology

Dr. Hendrick obtained his PhD in social psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1967. During his career, he has written or edited twelve books, and has served as a co-editor with Susan S. Hendrick for seventeen volumes in the Sage Series on Close Relationships. He has also published over 150 journal articles and reviews. He served as Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami from 1977 to 1984, and assumed the role of Dean of the Graduate School at Texas Tech University in 1984. He served in that post until 1995, when he returned to regular faculty duties. In addition to his research interests in psychology, he has a strong interest in philosophy, especially the writings of Charles Peirce, which he sees as highly relevant to psychology and the social sciences. He can be reached at

Scott Cunningham

Assistant Director for Operations

Scott is the Assistant Director for Operations. He has been with the Institute since 1999. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology at Texas Tech. His research interests are in the areas of Phenomenology, Educational Philosophy, and Inquiry And Learning Theory. Scott may be reached at

Levi Johnson

Webmaster, Hardwick Fellow

Levi Johnson obtained a BA (2009) and MS (2012) in mathematics from Texas Tech University and is now pursuing a PhD. In 2012, he received one of two Hardwick Fellowships awarded by the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism. Johnson has been an active member of the Institute's Interdisciplinary Seminar on Peirce since its inception in 2011. He also has interests in the use of C.S. Peirce's Existential Graphs and technology in math pedagogy.

Patrick Tinsley

Hardwick Fellow

Patrick Tinsley is a Ph.D candidate and current Hardwick fellow at the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism. Tinsley is currently writing his dissertation at the Instituite in pursuit of his doctoral degree in Land Use Planning, Management and Design with a research focus in Architecture: Historic Preservation. Tinsley's previous degrees include a B.S. in Mass Communications: Film, a B.S. in Biology,( both from West Texas A & M), and an M.S. In Interdisciplinary Studies: Peirce Studies, here at Texas Tech. In addition he has completed a graduate certificate in Historic Preservation and two doctoral minors in Heritage Management and Museum Science. He is a former Elo and Olga Urbanovsky fellow, and is completing his degree by writing his dissertation on the application of Pragmaticistic philosophy to historic preservation theory.

Jason Rhode

Student Assistant

Jason is a second-year Master's student of philosophy at Texas Tech University, and received his BA in philosophy in 2006 from the same institution. His primary areas of interest are axiology (ethics and aesthetics) and the history of philosophy. He previously worked as a reporter and critic for the The Lawton Constitution, and appeared on an April 2011 episode of the quiz show Jeopardy. His non-philosophical writing has been published by McSweeney's, The Comics Journal, Eyeshot, and Metaphilm. His hobbies include Shakespeare, the works and life of Alan Moore, history, Roman society, drawing, exercise, and public speaking.

Rachel Poole

Student Assistant

Rachel is a junior studying studio art with an emphasis in painting. Her hobbies include tennis, writing and watching movies.

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